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Thermistor - polymer PTC - self-recovery fuse manufacturing experts
  • Advanced production equipment and production testing equipment
  • Improve the technology research and development
    After - sales service system
  • Owned technical personnel
    Strong scientific research strength
  • Why do they choose YunRuixin?
    To perfect the quality of the win
    The company's series of fuse products, registered a "security-pass (PROTECTOM)" trademark. Products complete the certification, in addition to the annual SGS RECH testing, the full range of products have made foreign UL, TUV, VDE, KC, and other authoritative certification. The company has a strong R & D strength, from Taiwan-Dentsu's core technical team, has developed a number of 20 high-voltage, high current unconventional products. Strict control of the production chain, from the choice of raw materials, ratio, to the resistance of the screening, to the radiation treatment of the chip, the whole gatekeeper.
    To one-stop caring service to win
    Customers place orders within 24 hours to handle orders, customer feedback, handled within 24 hours
    Each customer has a dedicated customer service representatives, 1 to 1 exclusive services
    Adhere to customer satisfaction more than 95 percent, more than 98 percent on time delivery
    At a reasonable price and cost-effective advantage to win
    High-quality products, the price in the end, welcomed the inquiry parity. There is no minimum purchase quantity limit, the greater the customer demand the greater the discount. End section of flexible and diverse ways to meet customer needs as a criterion.
    With the ability to deliver on time to win
    Conventional models, shipped within 24 hours. Within one month Baohuan Baotui.
    Customers to obtain samples, issued the same day, the sample free of charge, old customers free delivery at the same time.
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      Dongguan Yunruixin Electron Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of over-current protection components (plug-in since the resumption of fuses, SMD self-recovery fuse, SMD fuse fuse plastic fuse, glass tube fuse, ceramic fuse, resistance fuse) Enterprises, the company has improved the production equipment and testing equipment, from Taiwan-Power's core technical team……
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    Fair, Zhengyou, innovation, integrity
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    Quality service, innovation and development
    Technical concept
    First learn to apply, and then development and innovation
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    Customer first, reputation first
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