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Dongguan Yunruixin Electron Co., Ltd
Address: Guangdong Province Dongguan the town of Cheonggyecheon Technology Village Road East, 3 Street on the 1st
Contact person: Mr TUNG/+86-13316699257
Central Office: Wulong District of Wuhan City Wuluo Road 586, 100 Rui King Central Garden of a 2603 Room
Contact person: Mr TUNG/+86-13476070773
Contact person: +86-18922531714
Fax: +86-769-87300449
QQ: 595935899
WeChat: +86-13316699257
E-mail: Sales@protectom.com
E-mail: prosper88@126.com
URL(Official website): en.protectom.com
URL(Shop): dgyrxdz.1688.com
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