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Do you know what a PTC thermistor is?

PTC is the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, meaning a positive temperature coefficient, general term refers to a large temperature coefficient of semiconductor materials or components. Usually we refer to PTC is a positive temperature coefficient thermistor, referred to as PTC thermistor. PTC thermistor is a typical temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistors, more than a certain temperature (Curie temperature), its resistance increases with the temperature was increased step-by-step.
PTC thermistor appeared in 1950, followed by 1954 appeared to barium titanate as the main material of the PTC thermistor. PTC thermistor in the industry can be used for temperature measurement and control, but also for a car parts of the temperature detection and regulation, but also a large number of civilian equipment, such as instantaneous water control device to control the water temperature, air conditioner and cold storage temperature, Using their own heating for gas analysis and wind speed machines and so on.
PTC thermistor in addition to heating elements, but also can play a "switch" role, both sensitive components, heaters and switches three functions, known as the "thermal switch." When the temperature exceeds the Curie temperature, the resistance increases, thus limiting the current increase, so the current drop led to the component temperature decreases, the resistance value of the reduction of the circuit current makes the current And the temperature of the element increases. The temperature of the element is maintained at a specific range, and the switching function is performed. Use of this temperature characteristics made of heating source, as a heating element application heater, electric iron, drying wardrobe, air conditioning, but also on the electrical play a role in overheating protection.
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