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Features of SMD self - recovery fuses

Since the resumption of fuse can be divided into patch recovery fuse with the plug-in since the resumption of fuse, with the requirements of more and more miniaturization of products, patch fuse has become increasingly widespread use. The self-healing fuse consists of a specially treated polymer and a conductive carbon black. When the line short-circuit or overload, flows through the self-recovery fuse high-current heat generated by the polymer resin melting, the volume of rapid growth, the formation of high-impedance state (b), the operating current decreases rapidly. That SMD self-recovery fuse characteristics and application of what?
First, SMD self-recovery fuse characteristics
1. Meet RoHS requirements
2.EIA size: 0805 ~ 2920
3. Maintain the current range: 0.05 ~ 3.0A
4. Voltage rating from 6V to 60V, to meet the computer and a variety of electronic applications
5. Small pad size
6. Action time fast
7. Impedance is low
8. Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85 ℃
9. Certification: UL / cUL / TUV
10. Variety, full specifications, alternative Raychem, Littelfuse, BOURNS import models
11. Small size, solid structure, easy to install automatically
Second, the SMD self-recovery fuse applications
1. Computer and peripheral equipment
2. Mobile phone battery pack
3. Automotive electronics
4. Power supply
5. Communication system
6. Other applications
Yun Ruixin Electronics is a professional manufacturer of self-recovery fuse, the company mainly in the thermistor, varistor, since the resumption of fuse R & D and production. The company relies on a strong R & D capability of the latest low-power, low resistance of the patch resettable fuse for battery-powered handheld devices, can effectively increase the use of equipment time for the company and another flagship product.
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